Shoe Service Plaza Operating Policy

Shoe Repair / Handbag Repair / Alterations:

● We can not guarantee that all shoe repair / accessory repair / alterations request will meet products original condition.
     But we will do our very best.


● We cannot guarantee that the color will match exactly to the given swatch.
● Certain imperfections in the construction of the item may become visible after the item is dyed.
● The dyed color will look different when viewed and different types of lighting.
● Pleats, bows, rhinestones and embellishments may not dye the same colors as the satin.
● If the item is worn in the rain or comes in contact with water the color may come off and or bleed into a material.


● May cause all material types to become tender, stiff , brittle and may cause some buckling and peeling.
● Shrinkage of all material types is unpredictable and may occur.
● Changes in shades or top finish may occur on all material types.
● Insect bites and scars on the leather skins which were covered over by the manufacture could show afterward.
● Breaks and skin lines may become more apparent.
● Unevenly matched skins are common and may appear more uneven post-cleaning.
● May cause bleeding on all material types which in turn causes change of color.
● May cause hardware pieces to bleed into all material types and may stain material.
● Color from polishing / touch up work may run onto clothing due to excessive friction.

Shoe Stretching:

● May cause some wrinkling buckling and peeling.
● Slight changes in shades or top finish may occur on all material types.
● Stretching may cause some imperfections on the inner-soul and or lining.

Returns / Refunds:

● There are no refunds on any and all repairs, cleaning, alterations, dying, and stretching etc.
● All procedures are final sale.
● All work performed cannot be undone and returned back to its original state.
● It is the customer’s responsibility to check their claim ticket or receipt for any discrepancies.
● Shoe Service Plaza must be notified within 24 hours of ticket issue date for any customer requests for changes to items.
● Items returned to re-stretch must be within two weeks from dated pick up.